• The Embassy insures with CARPS all the medical expenses worldwide for all its diplomats .
    The Embassy can also insure, or not, the family members of an affiliated employee.

  • The insured :
    The spouse and non-married children (whether legitimate, recognized, or adopted) who are under 25 years of age, except for children who have begun to work full-time.

  • For all new applications, it's necessary to fill out and send us an Application Form which must be filled out and signed by each diplomat and their family.

  • Concerning membership :
    lt only goes into effect at the beginning of each month.
    For example : a new member cannot be taken on the 12 or the 22 of September, but CARPS can insure him either September 1 or October 1.  Membership will begin after the premium has been paid.

  • The premiums are called for every trimester, or every semester, according to what has been decided when the contract was signed. They have to be paid at the beginning of the period; any lateness will delay the reimbursement for expenses.


Example of guarantees for embassies in Europe (2013)